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Having Fun with Hand Sanitizers

We have raised 3 boys and have trained them when young about the importance of washing their hands after they use the restroom. I did not potty train my older boys (stepsons) as they were 5 and 11 when I came into their lives. But my youngest son is 8 and when we were potty training him hand washing was a part of potty process. He is 8 now and I have to always get on him because he races to the bathroom, turns on the faucet and swipes his hands under the water and leaves. No soap, no scrubbing or drying (except on his pant legs). He’ll listen for a while and resort back to improper washing not long after.
“I want to get back to play”, he says. Hand washing is no fun when you are leaving a game to use the restroom. I began encouraging him to use hand sanitizers in his classroom and at home. I don’t teach him that it replaces hand washing, but I do tell him it is another step in the process-wash your hands and squirt some sanitizer on them. It is my way of knowing that even if he raced through hand washing, he has that sanitizer on board. It’s for his good and others around him as well.


I took it one step further and raided his overflowing LEGO bin. Just peeled off the back label, dropped in some LEGOS and he never misses the step of squirting that fun sanitizer on his hands now.
I have a blog relationship with PURELL and with the last set of products that arrived from them I was desperate for a way to feel my son was truly germ fighting after that dirty moment and remembered some cute gifts I saw at the end of the school year using hand sanitizers and turned it into a solution for me. In my smaller bottle of PURELL Naturals travel size I drop in rocks and gems at the bottom. It just makes it fun when on the go and he comes to me from a public restroom where I can’t see how he washed his hands. He is used to grabbing it from my purse now.
Funny how dropping in toys makes the difference between them asking for clean and getting them to stay on it without that touch. It so simple yet effective. For the adults, I love using PURELL Jelly Wraps that are scented and can clip to any bag or stroller.
So give it a try.
Do you have any hand washing tips you use with your kids that work?
*Read more from Parenting Healthy about PURELL products.
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