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Having a Ball with Goliath Games Ball Toys

From outdoor summer play to indoor winter play, these ball toys from Goliath games will keep the kids and teens occupied and it is such addicting fun. I first saw the Phlat Ball in a video review on another channel and knew I had to give this a try in my home.

These 3 ball toys are a hit. The EZ Grip Flag Football has been played in the backyard, neighborhood park and the upstairs hallway. It is so fun and when they brought their game indoors, the close corridors made it challenging to keep away from the flag. It is a foam football with a velcro flag. Totally simple, yet once the boys start their play they are occupied for a long time.

Phlat Ball is unique. It throws like a frisbee and catches like a ball. This is because mid air, the force from your ‘frisbee’ throw pops it open like a ball. By the time it reaches the other player they are catching it, smash it back down and throw it back. It is not so much an indoor toy so I would pack this one for the park, camping and road trip breaks on grass areas.

We have a water Zoom Ball Hydro where we put water balloons inside and when it hits someone gets wet. Now we have this Zoom Ball that rips and soars at top speed. It seems simple, just open your hands to force the ball to your opponent and they have to do the same before your toss hits their end. The challenge is that it gets fast and you have not lived a real childhood until this ball has flown into your hands a time or two.

I have Zoom Ball in our backyard play bin and it seems to be the first thing that catches the kids eyes when out playing in our yard. It is always constantly out and played with.

Zoom Ball and (perhaps) Flag Football can be brought indoors in the cold weather which makes ball games fun to be had all year! Find Goliath toy information at their website and buy at retailers near you!

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