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Have You Played Crowdini For Some Fun Prizes?

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I recently discovered this fun, quick & easy game online at Crowdini. Answer random questions and if you answer with the majority, you continue on the next day…kind of like a last man standing game! Get it wrong and you start over. It is a One-question-a-day with an email reminder to play. The last one in a particular game wins fun stuff, primarily gift cards.

I was stuck in a $25 Fandango Gift Card game for quite a while. I answered in the majority for I believe 4-5 days in a row. Then I answered wrong so I have started over-now I am in a $25 Amazon GC game! Examples of Questions might be ‘Have you ever driven across the Golden Gate Bridge’ or some ‘What if…’ questions that make you really think about the best way to answer might be and truly, it can go either way!

Let me sample out a run at a Crowdini game for you…
  • You sign up..easy to do!
  • It brings you to the days New game-a new game starts daily
  • It will have a question, a prize and number of players
  • If the prize says $25 Fandango card, for example, then you are in that ‘prizes’ game
  • Answer the question and wait til the morning to see if you answered in the majority of the other players.
  • If you answer in the Minority, you start over on that days new game…now you are playing for some other prize
  • If you answer in the majority, you keep going-it will give you a new question-same prize and new # of players.
  • As long as you answer the majority everyday and number of players goes down as others are eliminated, you are on the way to winning that Fandango Gift Card!
  • Miss a day-you eliminate yourself!
  • Results are available for each question on the results page

It is that simple! I get the email, click to continue (or start over), answer the question! That’s it and takes seconds!
For more and to follow Crowdini, visit them at
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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I was compensated for this review however all opinions are 100% my own and I choose to review products and services from trusted brands that I know my readers will enjoy!

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