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Have you joined AdvoWire yet? A great site for Bloggers to monetize!

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This is a sponsored post for AdvoWire. I was compensated, however all opinions are my own. 

AdvoWire from HireInfluence is a great way to monetize as a Blogger!

HireInfluence vs. AdvoWire

Simply put-HireInfluence serves brands who want to connect with Influencers to advertise their product or service. AdvoWire is the Blogger’s portal to scan campaigns, share & earn real money for their efforts. Bloggers can get paid to tweet, post to Facebook and share brands pre-written texts in throughout social media. Create a community and you can earn from your referrals as well. I have already made some easy income off AdvoWire!

See my recent post I write that included some information about HireInflunce at:
How AdvoWire works

Once you create an account (Free) at AdvoWire & I have some invites left, so let me know if you want on my team! You will be asked and it will highly benefit you to completely fill out your profile. Then under My Assets, you can connect your social media accounts. I love that they allow you to connect your Facebook Page, not just your profile. Once you are connected to your social media and you have your profile complete, you can start earning right away!

In the Opps Board you will find real job openings and they list areas around the country that they are hiring in. However, to earn from shares, just click the Green Share to Earn link on the menu bar and you get a list of campaigns to choose from to share on certain social media accounts. It calculates your earnings right in the earning bar on that same page so you see the money in your account right away.

There is a tier and as you move up, you can earn more and unlock more campaigns. You move up by sharing-so the more you come back to share & earn, the faster you move up the ranks!

Rules of the Share to Earn

The rules are really as to be expected. You are allowed to share on 1 social channel only every 12 hours so remember to come back morning & night to share again and earn more! Typical campaigns allow shares on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin so you can earn 3 times & twice a day! 

You can cash out at $50 available balance and money is in your paypal account immediately after cash out. No waiting period. 

Note: HireInfluence just came off Beta this month. Get started to day and wait to see more brands join in as they have just officially launched. Don’t see brands you recognize or know of, just keep checking bak. They will come. Regardless, your voice will earn money on several open campaigns available right now.

Need an invite? Leave me a comment below with your email!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post and I am a member of AdvoWire so my opinions are insightful and 100% honest.

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  1. I need to sit down and focus on monetizing sometime — maybe dedicate a month to it. I just can't land on a happy place. Thanks for sharing this. Do you think it fits my niche?

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