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Have the Smart Talk with kids about their internet use

This is a sponsored post for Lifelock on behalf of Clever Girls Collective

If you are a parent of a child at any age, you have felt the impact that technology and the internet has on our kids. What once was a little known world of online gaming and exploring that we protected our children from has become a way of life. Even if you wanted to keep your child from the internet, they use it in school and friends houses. You cannot shelter your child completely because they need it! This is their future-for college and jobs it is what they will rely on as adults for income and education. Did you know that 92% of teens say they go online daily and 24% say they are on constantly? However, thanks to LifeLock and the National PTA, we are guided on how to keep our kids safe while online with the free Smart Talk digital tool.

Perhaps you have had safety talks with your child, but there are 2 problems with having only talks with our children. The first is that we all know that safety talks are ‘boring’ to them and they think they are invisible so what we say goes in one ear and out the other. We feel good about the talk and they feel glad it’s over so they can continue playing away. The second problem is many times we don’t even know all of the dangers that do exist. Your kids may be different ages and there are different dangers out there that could hit each child differently.

Your young children may get online to play games or grab your phone to text grandma or grandpa. Your teen may do things like banking and instant messaging. In order to properly educate your children, you need to become educated yourself and know exactly what your kids are doing on their devices. This is why LifeLock and the National PTA teamed up to create the Smart Talk site.

The Smart Talk is a dedicated site where you can visit with your child. Tell The Smart Talk your names and visit each contract topic. Answer and discuss the simple questions then be taken to the contract page. All that you discussed is fit onto one page you can print and sign. It is your Smart Talk contract. A signed contract is much more effective than simply talking to a child who is half listening. These contracts can be kept on a desk or hung on the fridge. They guarantee you are tackling every known danger and security threats with your child. Talking points are separated into seven topics you can choose to fit each child.

The Smart Talk contract topics

  • Safety & Privacy
  • Screen Time
  • Social Media
  • Apps & Downloads
  • Texting & Calling
  • Reputation & Respect
  • Online Videos & Cameras
Get started today! I am proud to be a PTA President for my son’s school and as we start the school year next week I will be directing the parents to The Smart Talk page. This is our role as parents to make sure our kids are respectful, safe and alert while online. So visit the Smart Talk site to check out the online safety resources and create your own personalized family contract to encourage healthy digital habits! It’s free!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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