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Have an hour? A Coolsculpting appointment will kill those stubborn fat cells

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There are so many products and procedures on the market aimed at reducing your stubborn fat once and for all. How do you choose which will work for you? How do you know you are not wasting your money? Your body is a science and I know there is no ‘cream’ out there or magic pill that will help you lose those fat cells that are the root cause and keep them gone permanently. It is just not biologically possible. Would you trust a method your Doctor may recommend or even help you accomplish? Would you be even more interested in a method that is developed by Harvard Physicians? I am talking about Coolsculpting!
What is Coolsculpting?
  • Non-Invasive and patented procedure that is FDA cleared
  • Developed by Harvard Physicians and performed ONLY by licensed Physicians
  • Developed at Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Your cells die a natural death by being cooled to a specific temperature
  • Controlled method so only your cells-not your body-are cooled.
  • 1 appointment for about an hour and it continues its process killing those fat cells for 3 months as you carry on
Disclosure: This post on behalf of Coolsculpting. I was not given product

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4 thoughts on “Have an hour? A Coolsculpting appointment will kill those stubborn fat cells”

  1. I have NEVER heard of this. pretty interesting. wonder how safe it is? I'd like if more of the science was explained here.

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