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Have a Blast Learning Math with Online Math Arcade Online Math Arcade

Having to learn at home is new for our kids this year. Here in Wa. State the school buildings are closed through June 30th which means the rest of this school year has to be done virtually at home. I think the challenge may have some positives as kids learn a new way to do school. It also allows parents to see the challenges of creating lessons that keep kids engaged as the Teachers do daily. Although my son’s teachers are sending work it is work he breezes through and nowhere near the 6 1/2 hours a day he is at school so it is an opportunity for me to add a bit of extra learning.

I have been bookmarking some site for learning math as one of his subjects and the Math Games at are so simple yet the most engaging! It is like a virtual arcade of math games and kids LOVE arcade games.

math games is known best for calculators of all sorts. It is a one-stop site for calculators you need for math, health, finance and business. Yet, inside their Math section is a portal to free math games that DO NOT contain any ads! Each game opens to a new tab and requires ZERO email or sign up-just click ad play and when you are done you close out of the tab until next time they need some fun math practice.

There are so many games to choose from and they do a great job targeting all the aspects of math that parents and teachers would want! There are games for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. There are games that focus on speed, some on accuracy and quizzes/tests too.

maths test

The arcade-style games have enough choices for all children from themes of zombies, car racing, animals, monsters, food, balloons, bubbles and more! Head on over ( I may or may not have even played a few myself, lol). The kids will want to learn math when you lead them to the Math Games at You will love the extra learning and additional studying with a safe, ad-free, no sign-up website! Make sure your Teachers know about this too as they search for safe, online math learning to share with families.

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