Happy National Siblings Day

Siblings Day

April 10 is National Siblings Day! Claudia Evart created the US holiday in 1995 after losing her brother and sister at a very early age. She created the holiday to honor the memory of her siblings. For the holiday, Claudia chose April 10 — her late sister Lisette’s birthday. Mother’s Day has been around since 1907, and Father’s Day has been around since 1910. This makes almost 100 years without a day honoring our siblings!

The earliest known Sibling celebration is Raksha Bandhan with the Hundu people according to National Today. It is still popular today – Hindu women tie a band around their brother’s wrists, symbolizing that the sister will protect them. The brothers give a gift in return, both agreeing to protect and care for each other. 

April 10th is also my oldest, little brother’s birthday. I am the oldest of 2 brothers and 1 sister. We all live within 65 miles of each other in Washington State. We are together for nephew and sibling/parent birthdays and Holidays as well as random get togethers. My son is close to his cousins, my youngest brother’s boys. I also grew close to a set of my own cousins as a kid and we all consider each other like brothers and sisters.

Happy Birthday to my brother on #NationalSiblingsDay


Disclaimer:  This post was sponsored in part by TOP Agency for National Beer Day.  I was compensated.  All thoughts and opinions are always my own.

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