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Hands-free traveling and shopping with the Hip Hugger belt

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Honestly, do you really love toting your purse around? I hate it! I have been known to accidentally leave home with my debit card in a pair of pants on my bedroom floor because I pocket what I need if there is no reason to carry my entire purse. We travel a lot and one place my husband and I get away to twice a year is Las Vegas. Have you ever carried a purse an entire day on the strip? It is not fun! We just got back from a Vegas jaunt this past weekend and I will never travel without my Hip Hugger! It was attached to me everywhere I went and I even had a few comments and admirers as they watched me pull my phone and cash from my stylish Hip Hugger. 

I am wearing the Reversible 4-pocket Licorice Hip Hugger. It adjusts to fit with very durable snaps. The attached pocket (which you can detach if you want) has a small insert and a larger pocket for a cell phone. Within the belt are 2 hidden pockets-one that zips and another that is velcro. I was able to carry around my cell phone, cards and cash, lipstick, foundation stick, room key and even our show tickets all in my hip hugger belt! I love all the patterns to choose from. It is like the fanny pack revolutionized (and a lot more attractive)!
The Hip Hugger is such an incredible gift idea! I cannot think of any woman who would not love to have this for their wardrobe and I will be sporting this again on Black Friday because the last thing I need is to carry my heavy purse with everything else that day!
Learn more and see all of the patterns and sizes for yourself: 
Disclosure: Parenting Healthy was provided the above product. All opinions are my own.

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