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Hamper Hoops at CVS for Holiday Gift Ideas

This is a promotional post for CVS Pharmacy

Holiday Gift Guide Feature
Hamper Hoops at CVS
One day this summer my son came flying down the stairs and changed the channel to what he was watching up in our room. When he got to his channel, a commercial was ending and he excitedly said he wants the Hamper Hoop that was being advertised. Having missed the commercial, I googled what Hamper Hoop was and thought it was a genius idea. He has been wanting a basketball hoop for his door and I had not got around to buying one for him. This was the way to go. It keeps laundry off the floor which makes me happy and he gets his hoop and motivation to keep his laundry together. 

I love the quality and it comes with the pads you can cut to size to avoid scratches as you open and close the door with it on. There is a zipper at the bottom of the bag so the dirty clothes they throw in fall right out the bottom when you are ready to take them to the washing machine. The design blends well with bedroom styles too. My son loves using it and I know when he is changing because I hear clothing hit the door and cheers for his own goals!

Keep an aye out at CVS for the Hamper Hoops this season because it will be a hit on Christmas morning with any child in  your life. If a Hamper Hoop does not fit your needs, remember that CVS offers many gift cards you can pick up the next time you are in from movies to restaurants and retailers as well as Visa® and Master Card®!

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