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Greenwald’s All Purpose Citrus Cleaner

This is a promotional post for Greenwald’s. Opinions are my own

When I look for products to use in my house, I want safe and environmentally-friendly. The fact that I don’t have to buy plastic bottles and use chemicals too harsh to the touch is very important to me. With products like Greenwald’s All Purpose Citrus cleaner, I buy one bottle and only need refills. What is even better is that the refills drop into the warm water you fill and dissolve. I don’t even have plastic refill packages to throw away!
See it in action below! My 7 ear old insisted on video taping as I had no where to set my camera in the angle I needed with a sprained and swollen neck I have. I show you how to fill your bottle and how well it took grime off of my oven door.

You get the bottle and 6 refill packs and each pack makes 32 oz. of cleaner. The scent is mild and does not linger which I love. Because you are not buying plastic, having a cleaner in a refill style like this saves you money! It also saves the environment. The bottle is long and tall as to not take up too much space.
All you need is the refills and you will forever have the cleaning power you need for tough jobs!
Grab your cleaning kit today and save money! Greenwald’s All Purpose Cleaner Kit

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