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Greensbury Market Offers Delicious, Organic Products from the US

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I was recently sent the 2lb bag of Organic Chicken Wings for review from Greensbury Market and they were delicious. Better yet, I have the satisfaction of knowing that I am serving my family a product from the US that is truly organic. Greensbury has scoured the US in search of farmers who are growing their livestock and providing meats that are as natural as possible.

I made some BBQ wings and the boys devoured them!

What does Greensbury Market have to offer?
  • Their meats are a product of USA
  • They offer Organic chicken, 100% grass fed beef and Midwest pork
  • My order came fast-within just a few days and was packaged well
  • Over 40 years of personal visits to farms so they know their products are the very best
  • No growth hormones, antibiotics, pesticides or synthetic fertilizers
  • Offer dry-aged beef for the best flavor
  • All meats are certified USDA Organic
  • Their farms are self-sustaining so the feed is grown right at the farms so farmers know exactly what their livestock is ingesting

Visit Greensbury Market to learn more and see the great meats that you can have shipped right to your home or business. The chicken wings I had were tender and full of meat! I even slow cooked these little guys and had an abundance of meat that just fell off the bone with little to no fat! 
Want to save on their products? 
On any orders of $99 or more, you can use Promo code sv01 to save 15%! I googled some local places on what it would charge to have 2lb of BBQ wings made for a gathering and it was well over $30! At $12.99 for these 2lb bags and a bottle of BBQ sauce, the prices are great for the quality you get!
Disclosure: I was provided samples as stated above for the purpose of this review. All opinions remain 100% my own and I choose to review products and services I feel my readers will enjoy.

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