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Grand Fusion Housewares Silicone Travel Straw & Brush Set

Grand Fusion Housewares Silicone Travel Straw & Brush Set

On a recent trip to California, I had to get used to something new. I had a hard time getting a straw. I was in a tourist town so they always had them behind counters, but I would stop for coffee or a meal somewhere and do circles looking for a straw. Even if I knew (or remembered) ahead of time about their straw rule I would not have known how ‘travel with a straw’?!

Apparently someone with Grand Fusion Housewares knew others have been in this same situation and created the Silicone Travel Straw. Better for the environment and handy for traveling, this is a 3 piece set with a case and cleaning wire.

It is very safe for use! The straws is BPA-Free, FDA approved PP silicone that folds over to fit the carrying case to keep it clean for reuse. The included wire does a pull-through clean and it is dishwasher safe.

That rubber at the end of the pull trough wire is running down the inside of the straw when time to clean between uses. The mouth is plenty wide enough to use even with a milkshake or smoothie.

When you need a stocking stuffer for anyone who would enjoy this travel straw or needs to carry a straw for their community rules, the Grand Fusion Housewares Silicone Travel Straw & Brush is available on Amazon.

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