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Serve Graeter’s Ice Cream for the Holidays

I was sent product for feature in partnership with Graeter’s

Serve Graeter's Ice Cream for the Holidays

Only the best for the Holidays! I think we all strive to serve only the best to make the Holidays as special as possible. Maybe you buy the same foods and use the same recipes each year. Maybe you like to introduce something new at times. I know that as soon as the pies come out for gathering the kids are asking for the ice cream.

Can you believe they hand-pack every pint? Graeter’s ice cream is made one batch at a time in 2 1/2 gallon batches and uses only the finest chocolate, fruits from the Pacific NW and fresh local dairy.

black raspberry

The ice cream is frozen then hand packed. The low glycemic varieties have half the sugar but the same great taste. The sweetness in this variety comes from monk fruit. It meets the certifications of the Glycemic Research Institute®’s criteria for a low-glycemic food suitable for people with type 2 diabetes(statistic info. here).

Graeter’s can be found online and in select grocery stores. You can use their store locator to find the brand near you. You can order a few to many pints all delivered together and packaged to stay frozen and enjoy right away. You can shop their dessert sauces, fine candies, merchandise and even some ice cream sandwiches called, Wheelies.

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