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GoSun Flatware reusable, stainless-steel cutlery set

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GoSun Flatware

If you know someone who dreams of living off the grid or even someone not afraid to disappear into the wilderness and camp out the GoSun has gifts for them! These are products meant to remain independent and the only thing you need to rely on is the sun. Even their cutlery and pans are made small and light so they can be packed up easily.

For example, this GoSun Flatware ™ is a reusable, stainless-steel cutlery set that means no more disposable plastic and fits in your bag or pocket!You get a reusable spoon and fork in a protective case.

Whether cutlery, pans, water bottles and even solar cooking ovens could help their adventures, GoSun is a great place to shop online. Also available on Amazon.

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