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Good Food for Good’s Organic Classic and Organic Spicy Ketchup

When I started focusing on food labels and aiming to cut carbs and added sugars I was actually a bit shocked. So many things I enjoy are full of added sugars and I get it, it’s why it tastes so good and can remain cheap. But, I began to realize that’s all food was, just cheap, unhealthy calories.

Then comes along Mothers and Fathers who are frustrated about the lack of healthier options in foods so they create that better option. Such as Good Food For Good founder Richa Gupta from Canada (originally India). She grew up with fresh foods recipes then later in life as a Mom became frustrated at what she found on store shelves.

Sauces like ketchup and BBQ sauce are a daily must-have in my home, but have you paid attention to the added sugars included in ketchups? It is a lot if you look at what a serving size is. Good Food For Good uses 1 date per bottle which means the sweetness is from a natural ingredient and you get 1 gram of sugar per serving. A standard bottle of ketchup would yield me 4 grams of ADDED (as in no-good) sugars per serving.

The ketchups and BBQ sauces are vegan, keto, paleo, non-gmo. You don’t get added sugars or preservatives. You can choose from organic Ketchup, Spicy Ketchup, Classic BBQ Sauce, and Sweet and Spicy BBQ Sauce.

What’s better then good food is food that does good. Inspired by the One for One model of TOMS, Gupta started the “Buy One, Feed One” model and has proudly fed around 250,000 people to date partnering with three different organizations for distribution.

Available on Thrive Market and stores around the U.S.

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