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Go Dinosaur hunting with Expedition Dino

This is a promotional post. Opinions are my own

With Jurassic World making an appearance on the big screen this summer, Dino fans old and new are out. My son is 7 and never has been into dinosaurs. Even as a toddler, he would walk around with a car or truck in his hand, but never dinosaurs. As the new Jurassic World was nearing its release, we rented the original Jurassic Park movie and he was hooked! He spent some birthday money of his in May and bought the Jurassic Park trilogy on DVD and watches them all of the time. When the Jurassic World movie released, he went and saw it and loved it! He has actually seen in theaters twice now. The Dino fan in him was born and he loves finding Jurassic World or dinosaur themed toys and games. We have this fun and addicting game from HABA called Expedition Dino.

Expedition Dino is rated for 4 years and older. Our 4 year old neighbor stopped by while we were playing and he did very well after I helped him with round one. The game has a 3D set up where the Dino is hidden among stacks of rocks. You roll a die and move your guide which tells you which tools you get to use on your turn. You may land on hammer, hammer and chisel or magnifying glass. With those tools, you get 3 hits on a rock in the tower. The goal on your turn is to knock ONLY 1 brick down and have it land with a bone facing up. If you get a bone facing up you keep that rock. If you get no bone facing up or knock down more than 1 rock, you have to set aside the rocks and you keep none. The rounds continue until the dino falls over. Whomever has the most rocks in the end wins. 
Let the Dino fan come out in your child as they excavate on their own and collect those precious bones. Learn more at
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