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Gnoments are a great adult gift idea

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I am so excited to bring you the perfect gift to get your spouse when you don’t know what you will buy them. My husband is the worst to shop for because if he really wants something he just buys it. Most times we forgo gifts and take a trip instead. But even when we decide to forgo gifts, we still sneak in a few for each other anyways. Once you learn what these Gnoments are all about you won’t be able to resist them!
Inside your kit you get 2 Love Gnomes-a female and a male. You also get a book with lots of fun ideas to help get your creativity flowing in when and how to use your Gnomes. Now you’re ready to start a fun tradition with your loved one. You each get a Gnome and you can leave notes or scan messages to each others gnomes. They can do the same with yours. Leave your gnome in clever spots around the house or in bags or cars so your significant other will find them along with your message! Think random love notes, but attached to a fun gnome.

The Gnomes have a bean bag-type bottom so they stay put very well when set down and will not flop over. They are very well made and the book is so adorable! They each have a magnet in their hand so when not in use you can keep them together-holding hands! When you notice one is away, it is time to search for him or her because your spouse just took yours for a message to you.  Some ideas the book will give you is to make your message high tech or low tech-a message or photo they see when they scan the gnome through the Gnoments app or a handwritten note. 
Within the Gnoments app you can share a photo or video and even send a map location to met up. 
You know you can’t say no these Gnoments and need a set today. Head to http://gnoments.com/ and get started! Follow on Facebook and Instagram too to find more great ideas and promotions.

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