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Gluten-free brands available at Walmart

This is a sponsored post for Walmart Gluten Free Event on behalf of Sverve

If you are a gluten-free shopper you may be excited to know that Walmart has introduced some popular gluten-free brands to make shopping for such products handier while you are out purchasing your other products at low prices. I love finding such organic or specialty brands in major retailers now as in the past these brands seemed to only be available if 
I were to take a long drive to the health food stores or local growers. We are a healthier society and demand healthier options and our retailers are feeling that. Being able to get everything I need in one stop is important to me and having brands such as Udi’s, Glutino and Nature’s Path available at Walmart saves me time and money.

To introduce these brands to shoppers and make them aware of the brands available or that are soon to come I attended their Gluten-Free event at my local Walmart. It was at this booth, the employee was sampling out products such as Udi’s gluten-free breads. I picked up some Udi’s burritos to go with my dinner the following night. I planned on making a football inspired platter for dinner and burritos were a perfect addition. Our Seattle Seahawks are headed to the Super Bowl and the spirits are high around here. A platter for a Sunday night dinner sounded perfect as we anticipate next weekend’s game. Having healthier burritos makes it a more wholesome meal for my family. I saved on the other ingredients I needed as well as I shopped for all I need in one place.

Save Money. Live Better is the message Walmart wants to send as they introduce these brands to its shoppers. To help you even further, you can find healthy recipes using these brands at Walmart. To see such recipes, visit the Walmart Gluten-Free campaign page. The fun part is that if you are a Foodie and have a gluten-free recipe to share, just use the hashtag #gfwalmart and show off your recipe with others looking for ideas to create such meals. It can be a challenge to switch to a gluten-free diet so recipes and having products easily accessible helps tremendously. 
As for my football inspired platter, you will have to wait. That post will be up real soon!

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