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At-a-Glance Vienna Weekly/Monthly Appointment Book

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Shoplet appointment book

The year is almost over and as always it is time to ditch the 2016 calendars and start fresh. New lines to fill in with notes, new days to write event details into and new spaces for weekly or monthly appointments. At-a-Glance has always been an appointment book and calendar brand well-known in many homes and you can find them at Shoplet.

appointment book cover

This is the Vienna design of weekly/monthly appointment book. The front cover gives you a glance of last year, this year and next year for reference. Then each month is tabbed so you can easily flip through. There is a monthly views with blank space and weekly pages with lines for notes.

appointment book month

The back has common holidays by month and an event page for notes such as events for the holidays, gift ideas, birthday reminders, etc. It has all you need to stay on track in 2017.

appointment book events

Shoplet also offers products from office furniture to cleaning supplies. You can also find restaurant products and medical supplies as well. Even food and snacks for the break room can be purchased from Shoplet.

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