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Giveaway: See how DrawerDecor organized my kitchen drawers for me for under $30

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I have the DrawerDecor kit from KMN Home and my drawers have never looked so organized. My kitchen drawers have more items then they can hold and you can see that by looking at my photo below, there is just no way I could keep all those items in that drawer and make it look tidy. I hate the dividers because they are one huge unit and there is no way to break them down to fit in narrow drawers. For so many years, I just lost hope and watched my family throw items in and dig them back out again. In every home I have been in, they all play that same game too!

When my DrawerDecor arrived I unwrapped the plastic and felt this rubbery mat that had grids. These grids make it super easy to cut through and measure. I snapped a photo, emptied out my drawer, measured, cut, laid down the mat, saved the extra to do another drawer (I had enough to do 2 narrow drawers). After playing around with a layout I liked, I put my items back in the drawer. Voila! I fit every item back in-just look! In hind sight, I should have not cut a full-length strip. If you leave a bit of room at either end (items will still stay) you will have a better length piece for a second drawer. I got a second drawer out of it, but wish I had left a tad more for the 2nd cut. Not a product flaw, just my measuring thoughts gone wrong. Seriously-this is my drawer AFTER opening and shutting it a few times to check the non-slip grip. Pretty good, wouldn’t you say?

About KMN Home DrawerDecor
  • 6 colors to choose from
  • 21-piece system-3 sizes of divitz
  • Non-slip silicon basemat and repositionable organizer (Divitz)
  • Trim to fit any drawer size in kitchen, office, bathroom or anywhere!
  • Also available and sold separately are stackable acrylic organizer bins in different shapes/sizes
To learn more, visit
The Giveaway
1 lucky reader will win a DrawerDecor like I got above!
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Disclaimer: I was provided the above product. All opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. I like the magnetic towel! Every time I turn around to grab my towel, the kids have taken it. I could put it near the top of my fridge so the kids don't constantly run off with my towel!

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