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Giveaway: My Skinny Jane 7-day Cleanse Journal & Win a 30-day System

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Disclosure: I got sample packs as part of an advertorial.

Skinny Jane Weight Loss System

If you have thought about a cleanse, I cannot recommend a better system than Skinny Jane. Why? Because it has the ‘average’ person in mind. The average person does not want to starve, does not want nasty-tasting shakes and supplements and does not want to guess how and when to eat and take supplements. We like maps, we like good taste and we want easy! Skinny Jane not only provides the best shakes I have ever had for breakfast, they give you a map! This map tells you exactly when to take the capsules-how many, it tells you when to eat meals and snacks and gives you options of foods OK to eat when you get cravings late at night. What other plan tells you to go ahead and feed a craving at night? The 7-day cleanse is said to leave me feeling great and end with a weight loss around 5#! I begin my journal today, Day 1 and will revise by adding to it as I end each day for the next week…..

Day 1
I am so pumped to start. Went grocery shopping based on my meal map! I have to say that I took the burn capsules right when I woke up as directed and as I waited for the 30-45 minutes until my shake I felt a little whoozie. I know my body is getting used to the first wave of cleanse so I was not concerned, but glad I did not time it to be taking my son to school. Just before taking him, I was able to have my shake. I started with Strawberry-delicious! I just blended it with 8oz of milk in a blender bottle. Within a few moment-no whooziness anymore! I ate my snacks and dinners as directed. For dinner I had chicken mixed with stir fry vegis over a very small amount of jasmine rice and a homemade creole sauce with no preservatives-just vegies and seasonings. I did have cravings about 8am, but the cup of No-Sugar Hot Cocoa as recommended did the trick!
Day 2
I woke up this morning and my digestive system knows I am cleansing (I will spare the details). I have urinated more in 24 hours that I think I have all month, but that’s good. I am loving that this map reminds me to consume fluids. I am a horrible water drinker and I drank a lot today. I stuck to my guide, but had a banana instead of an apple at lunch. I get hungry between afternoon snack and dinner, but I conquered the craving with about 4-5 almonds to tide me over. For dinner, I made burgers with 90% lean ground beef and added spices and deleted a bun for me-just ate the meet on a bed of lettuce. We also had some mixed vegis and the boys got fries-I didn’t! I did sip No-sugar added Hot Cocoa about 8pm. About 10pm-my digestive system again reminded me I was cleansing. I know some reviewers say it did warrant bathroom runs for them, but I have never cleansed before and I have not been eating very healthy lately so I expected this for myself.

Day 3
Today was a rough digestive day later on, but all morning and afternoon I felt great! I am loving the shakes. I finally tried the Banana flavor today which I was reluctant and to my surprise it was absolutely delicious! I can honestly say it is my favorite flavor and I do not typically like banana flavored foods! I was real hungry between afternoon snack and dinner, but just drank some green tea and waited for dinner. I made spaghetti with meatballs. I only gave myself a few noodles, added steamed green beans to the garden sauce and the meatballs were hand made with 90% lean ground beef and spices. About an hour after dinner I was so full, I feel I overate. I didn’t though. I skipped cocoa and was not the least bit hungry in the evening for it anyway. Sounds stressful, but it’s not! I love knowing the system is working, my body is changing and that’s the whole point!

Day 4
The high protein kicks in the morning are really working. I am hardly hungry throughout the day. I feel much fuller. Today I weighed myself and I am down 2.5 pounds! I purposely am not exercising this week so I know my true weight loss. In evening-still getting GI upset. I keep reading how rare this is so not sure why I am having this issue. Not a huge disturbance, but perhaps I am that full of toxins 🙂

Day 5
Today mimicked the past few days. Stayed to the schedule and diet. I did have one difference in that we took our son to a movie and so I did have some popcorn. Ordered a grilled chicken caesar salad for dinner at fast food we took hime to before the movie. Feeling great!

Day 6
Today was hard. Seahawks played and won! So we were at a football party loaded with all the wrong foods and I did not think to pack my own. So stuck to the am routine but the afternoon saw 1 small piece of pizza and did have fresh salsa and tortilla chips as well as found carrots I munched on. Helps that i just feel more full that time of day so i really wasn’t tempted by the other foods!

Day 7
No more cleanse and my body will like that, but so glad I stuck it out. I feel great and lighter. I do not miss nor do I feel I even want all the junk I ate just over a week ago. I am motivated, on a routine and am excited to keep taking Cal-Burn supplements and high protein breakfasts with small meals and healthy snacks in between!

The Giveaway
1 lucky reader will get a 30-Day Skinny Jane Weight Loss System ($89.99 value)
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  1. I would like to try the Skinny Cleanse. I like how they have the whole plan worked out for you, so doing the cleanse isn't confusing and difficult like most other cleanses.

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