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#Giveaway Fandango $100 Gift Card UnitedHealthcare August Contests

I have partnered with UnitedHealthcare for this sponsored post and giveaway.

Welcome to the Fandango Giveaway
Prize: $100 Fandango Gift Card
I can start by telling you that I have the typical husband who hates going to the Doctor. He had not had a physical in about 4 years until he got a letter in the mail. His company says that in order to get a discount on his medical he is to go have a full exam and blood work. Why? Because of the importance and even cost-saving benefits of preventative care. Other than mild blood pressure concerns, he had a good health report. It wasn’t terribly high but borderline and given his family history he should be checking it regularly as he is creeping towards 50 years old and has been gaining additional weight.
I spent years working in the cardiac field in medicine and my job was to schedule all inpatient and outpatient procedures for a staff of 9 Cardiologists. The other part of my job was to obtain insurance authorizations to ensure the procedures would be covered and help determine the patients out-of-pocket costs. I bet you that about half or more of all of the procedures adding up to thousands of dollars each at times was money that did not have to be spent had they ben in sooner or had regular exams. My husband was not alone-many hate going to the doctors and only go when there is a problem. Unfortunately is some cases I have seen ‘too late’ too many times.
For the month of August, UnitedHealthcare’s contest tasks focus on preventative care. UHC wants to remind you that routine checkups and screenings can help you avoid serious health problems that allow you and your doctor to help you reach personal health goals and manage your overall health. Visit UHC Preventative Healthcare for more tips.
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 Whether you are a UnitedHealthcare customer or not, they want to make sure everyone understands there health and about coverage for any of your needs. There are so many universal facts and education anyone can benefit from. So, no matter what carrier you have UHC invites you to complete new tasks to learn from each month at chances for weekly $25 gift cards and monthly $400 gift cards. The best part is that you get a sense of UnitedHealthcare’s commitment to keeping the public educated and healthy.

To make the most of the experience and narrow your chances of winning, there are 3 entries you can earn every day of the month. You get 1 entry for each task you do and there are 3 tasks- quiz, concentration game and video to watch. Do each task daily for 3 chances to win a day. The prize schedule is below.
Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 8.58.16 AM
The Giveaway
1 lucky reader will win a $100 Fandango Gift Card. Instructions to enter are below. Enter daily!
Just follow these 3 steps to enter:

1) Go to the United Healthcare website.

2) Enter the three contests. Be sure to use my unique promo code: PARENTINGHEALTHY ***This promo code must be entered to be eligible to win MY giveaway so don’t forget!*** You can enter once per day on each! If you entered earlier without code, I still have all your entries so no worries!

3) THEN: Come back here and enter my giveaway below

PLEASE NOTE: If you do task and hit submit and don’t see the entry page, just hit refresh and it will show-it depends on your server as to it getting stuck sometimes. When you get the ‘Thank you, your entry has been received’ page, you are done. Now you may win some cash card prizes too!

Since you have completed all 3 tasks, you not only get entries into the UHC gift card prizes, but you can also enter below for the $100 Fandango gift card I am giving away on my blog courtesy of UnitedHealthcare. Open to US and ends 8/31/2016. Good luck!
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Diane Zawislak


Joanne Schultz

I noticed that we now have to enter PARENTINGHEALTHY as promo code on our entries.
Today was my 16th entry for your giveaway. I sure hope you don’t disqualify me for the previous 15 days because there was no promo code required then.