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Giveaway: Abuntant Harvest Game for kids teaches good choices and #honesty

This is a promotional post for Harvest Time Partners

Do you ever wonder or maybe think you know what your child would do when faced with a decision that may effect someone else or themselves? Do you know what your child would do if a delivery man knocked at the door when being babysat? Would your child turn in the $300 cash he/she found in an unmarked wallet on the playground? Do they know there is even a right and wrong answer to these situations? Asking your child questions and making them brainstorm their reactions or answers to situations is the greatest way to help strengthen the skill of decision making. Children love games as learning tools and Abundant Harvest for kids is a great way to have these conversations while having fun and earning rewards at the same time.
There are 2 key focus points in this game that I found. The first is the space you land on when you roll the dice. When you land on a spot, there is a scenario that earns you either poor, medium or abundant rewards. These scenarios describe a situation such as, “You ate 2 bowls of ice cream after dinner. You earn a poor reward”. The rewards are 3 money amounts (play money, that is) and poor is only $5, medium is $10 and abundant is $20. They get the chance to relate that choices they make everyday are rated from poor choices to good choices. 
The second point is in the scenario cards. When you land on a spot, it will either be a blue, orange or red spot and that determines the color harvest card you pick. These are scenarios read out loud and the person who is in turn chooses a Principle from a provided list that fits the scenario and explains how the principle they chose creates an appropriate solution to the given problem. Other players get their chance to give their opinion as well turning it into a short conversation about poor and good choices and considering the principles behind those choices.
Example scenario:
“You find a wallet on the playground and it has $300 cash in it. There is no identification in the wallet. What do you do?”- Perhaps I choose Honesty as the principle from the list. I would bring it to the office and say where I found it and keep the money that belongs to someone else inside of it. I choose honesty because if I were to take the money, that is stealing which is a dishonest choice.
There are no right or wrong answers. Every child will love the positive attention they get as they make right choices in these scenarios. I always feel, when it comes to my boys, that to give them a scenario in any situation or discipline problem they are having in life that it not only makes them learn to think for themselves so that if similar situation arises they can make a different choice, but it essentially is planting that better choice in the back door of their brain. They are better able to grab that good choice you discussed the next time around. 
Abundant Harvest for kids provides all of those tools for your child of any age. The game is recommended for ages 7-12, but my 6 year old had a blast with this game. I can see the age of 7 as there is a lot of reading in this game, but I helped my son with only a very few amount of words. This makes an excellent gift this Holiday season and I had a blast witnessing his good choices and helping him learn what principles are and how they are used everyday in many situations at school, on the field and at home.
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