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Give Your Face A Natural Face Lift At Home With Becker MD #Giveaway

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I am a Wife, full time employee and Mom to 3 boys. I have a tireless 4 year old, a teen with a girlfriend and a son that just turned 21 and has entered the world of adulthood. If I am this tired, my skin knows it probably more that I realize. I became familiar with the natural and amazing products from the Natural Skin Shop.

Most recently I was sent the Becker MD Ultimate Face Lift Pack. Let me break up what this products (as well as other Becker MD products) are all about.

Dr Hilton Becker, MD

Dr Becker is a Master Plastic Surgeon and inventor. He brings 2 amazing products to the Natural Skin Shop that are now a staple in my cosmetic routine. With his knowledge and background, he blends science and natural ingredients together to create products containing only the necessary ingredients needed for the best results.


For a little over a month, I have been using his Ultimate Active Moisture pack. My skin is better than it has ever been. I use the Active Hydrate that when you add a few drops of water, you activate Hyaluronic Acid particles that are mixed with Squalane Oil (from pressed Olive Oil) and you get a chemical additive and preservative free product. It does not block pores because it has none of the additives that cause that issue. I use this morning & night to start and now I have backed off to even every 2 days or so and my skin is still healthy as ever. In the evening, I follow up with step 2 of the pack which is the Ultimate Night Cream which contains natural and organic oils with a mix of Lavender. Lavender is known to release your skins tension as well as provide an aromatherapy affect.

Next comes the Ultimate Face Lift Pack! Remember the Ultimate Active Hydrate solution I described above? Well you use that still morning & night, but now follow after using the Ultimate Glycolic Exfoliate. The Glycolic Acid (a natural concentrated ingredient) mixed with Lactic Acid is activated with a few drops of water. When messaged into your face and left on for 1-3 minutes, activate your bodies natural skin care process of producing Collagen and Elastin so you have tighter and firmer skin. It is gentle yet effective enough to use daily! I can instantly feel the Glycolic process. My skin feels exfoliated and so soft! I really can’t put into words how amazing my skin feels, so I hope this review and education convinces you that these are truly the best products and I love the natural ingredients. I am amazed how simple the ingredients are and the results they bring. No fancy packaging, no fru-fru smelling additives-just pure concentrated products that last a long time-hence the concentrate meaning you don’t need but a few drops per treatments. Even used daily, I have plenty of product left after several weeks.
Groupon Announcement
The best part-the Ultimate Face Lift Pack will be on a Groupon Special March 11th. The Groupon deals are always amazing and you may be able to save a very generous percentage off. This is the best time to purchase these packs. If you miss out this time around-they move fast-then make sure you subscribe to the Natural Skin Shop’s Newsletter. It is here where you will be alerted to upcoming Groupon and website specials. 
The Giveaway
Even better, the Natural Skin Shop is allowing me to giveaway the Becker MD Ultimate Face Lift Pack to one of my readers! I’d love to know how it works for you if you are the lucky winner or are able to score the Groupon deal March 11th!
Good Luck!

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Disclosure: I was proved a sample for the review. However, all opinions are 100% my own

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  1. Great review and amazing product! This time of year my skin is SCREAMING the need for Moisturizer! I have never seen this product before so I'll definitely have to check it out

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