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Give your College student a healthy sleep with Novosbed pillows

This is a promotional post for Novosbed. Opinions are my own

Back to School – Teens and Dorm Life Feature
Novosbed Adagio Pillow
I don’t think I am too far off in my assumption that teenagers do not get the healthiest of sleep! They stay up late, are up early for classes, work at night and weekends, fit time in with friends and studying and eat poorly. In combination, this does not leave them with a recipe for a healthy, full night’s rest. We cannot make them fall alseep earlier or pry them from their late social hours and we cannot take away work and study hours, but we can leave them with the right bedding and tools to help them rest well when they do stop even if for a few hours at a time. Novosbed has mattresses, pillows and duvets that will help them get the best night’s rest. You get to pick the pillow that best supports their sleep style.
My son has the Novosbed Adiago pillow. As a teenager, he is always tossing and turning and staying up late and not sleeping well through the night. The Adagio pillow will support a side sleeper best. It is designed for those that spend most of their sleep on their side. The firmness is a medium-soft level and it contours the head and neck as you sleep. It is a high quality memory foam without the high quality price.
The Novosbed Contour pillow is a great neck support so your muscles can relax. The Novosbed Opus pillow is great for all sleep positions-back, side or stomach. It adapts to your shape and holds it for years!
I love that Novosbed products are such high quality with a soft, microfiber feel, but costs much less than other high quality pillows. 
Your teen needs better sleep, so give them the tools to relax that head and neck so they get a comfortable sleep with a Novosbed pillow that will easily last them through their college years.
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