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Give the gift of softer skin with Dove Pink Beauty Bars

I was sent samples for feature

Give the gift of softer skin with Dove Pink Beauty Bars
Be honest-how loaded are your shower shelves? I have bar soaps, body washes, scrubs and shaving creams. I like to get clean, smell good and keep my skin healthy and moisturized and it seems to take several products to get these results. I was sent some of the Dove Pink Body Bars for Valentine’s Guide feature and wondered about there 7 Day Dove Challenge! Have you heard of it? They claim that it only takes 7 days of only using a Dove bar to feel a difference. So I took it. It is my way of suggesting you give the gift of softer skin with Dove Beauty Bars.
What makes Dove confident enough to suggest a 7 day challenge? This bar is made up of 1/4 moisturizing cream and that is a lot of moisturizer for a bar. I suppose that’s why they call it a beauty bar and not just a bar of soap. It does clean, but you are left with moisturized skin. That eliminates many bottles from my shower shelves!
How was my 7 Day Dove Challenge?
I figured using the Dove bar would be a positive experience because I do have great results with other Dove products. This was hard for me because I have a combination of products that do well. However, if I can eliminate the amount of products I need to use in the shower then I can stop fighting for space with my sons cups and toys he also keeps in my tub. Could I confidently toss my other products? Yes! Seriously, it is all I use! This may sound silly, but as much as I love having to only keep 1 bar for my skin regimen it would mean a lot to be gifted a simple pink bar or two.
The Pink Body Bar is scented and contains fragrance. I love it for this reason but you may not be able to tolerate products with fragrance. If you need a fragrance-free option, you can try the Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bars as they are mild and hypoallergenic. These are white bars.
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