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Give the Gift of Learning with Teach My Kids Learning Tips and Kits

Give the Gift of Learning with TeachMy Kids Learning Tips and Kits

Give the Gift of Learning with TeachMy Kids Learning Tips and Kits

I used the Teach My Preschool for my son a few years ago and it is such a great and engaging product! It really gave him a much-needed jump start for learning in a classroom.

Teach My is award winning all-in-one learning kits for babies, toddlers and preschoolers. No need to spend hundreds of dollars going to several stores buying individual teaching tools, Teach My kits provide everything necessary for learning the basics, all in a portable and storable case.

TeachMy Kindergarten Learning Kit

If you have a child entering Kindergarten next year you may be starting to see registration open up right now. Now is the time to prepare for day 1 of the rest of their primary education with the Teach My Kindergarten Learning Kit. Once the forms are filled out and turned it you can focus on preparing them for their school year.

What’s Included:

  • 52 Double-Sided Spelling flashcards (100 Words)
  • 52 Magnetic letter tiles
  • Wipe-off spelling board
  • Wallet & play money
  • Money flashcards
  • Wipe-off analog clock
  • Digital time maker
  • Wipe-off time book
  • Date maker
  • 70 Date, weather & season cards
  • Wipe-off calendar book
  • Wipe-off crayons
  • Teaching guide
  • Storage case

Make Learning Fun

Making learning fun by having a reward each week and changing up study spots. This becomes a great way to spend quality time together. It is OK if you work and it is OK if you have other children in the home. Learning each day can be anywhere you find new spots and with anyone willing to take the time with them! Older siblings may have fun taking 1 day a week to sit on the lawn as a weekly ‘fun chore’ and help little sibling learn for a bit! Anytime of day and any study buddy works as long as they are learning!

Connect with Teach My by visiting their website and follow on Facebook and Twitter.

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These are so cool. We are always on a look out for useful kits to make learning fun and ointeresting. Kids tend to remember easier if the leadring is visual.


rewarding is always and opportunities to go for new.Nicely written to manage children’s


I love these kits. My son enjoys them alot.

Athena Nagel (@Stuffofsuccess)

My daughter has been looking for a kit just like this for her young children. I am definitely going to share this information with her. Thank You

Princess Quinn

This is such a fun and educational kit to have. I am sure that kids almost of all ages would love this. I can see this as a perfect gift as well.

Ruth I

My niece is in preschool, this will will perfect for her! She likes activities like this, fun and exciting!


This is perfect for my kids. My oldest is so use to digital that I think it’s time to make sure he knows how to read a clock.


I am going to get this for my 6 year old son. He’s doing well in Kindergarten, but I feel like this will help him over the summer before his transition to 1st grade.