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Give the gift of healthy this season with ZingAnything Infusion products #HolidayGiftGuide

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Some of the best holiday gifts are the ones you will use after the holidays end to promote healthier living. It is easy to say that in the new year you will make healthier choices, but then once you realize you that to live healthier you need a shopping spree of athletic clothing, water bottles, athletic shoes, fitness memberships, etc you can quickly become discouraged. Here is a tip! Make your resolution list now! Think of all you will need to fulfill that goal and put those on your wish lists! 
One item you will love to have as you reach a health goal that will inevitably include drinking more water so your workouts and dieting are more effective are ZingAnything products. Hate drinking plain water? This is for you! It is an easy-to-use infusion water bottle. Add your favorite citrus or even herbs, fill with water and have great tasting water that is naturally flavored. Better yet, the kids can start off healthy with their own KidsZinger! You can have the CitrusZinger bottle as pictured above and the kids can follow your healthy example with their own straw-bottle! Let’s face it! Do they need another toy? Give them a bit of healthy and they will learn to love their water just like my son does now!
A great way to introduce healthier choices is to make it fun for the kids so it will further motivate you! The best way to be motivated is to become healthier with others! Surprising them with this fun colored KidsZinger then taking them shopping to pick their own fruits/herbs to add will make them finally wanting more water!

Both me and my son love Halo oranges. It makes our water so refreshing and they are the perfect size to fit in the bottom. Simply twist on or add fruit, tighten the bottom lid, flip over and fill with water! You can leave the flavor choice in the bottom until you get the flavor intensity you want then toss it out and continue to drink that water. No more wasted plastic bottles of flavored water and many of those water flavor squeeze varieties you squirt have aspartame and other unhealthy sweeteners in them! Really! Look at the labels the next time you see them! No learning to scan a label to know the ingredients. The ingredients are what you add naturally from the produce section! In fact, the KidsZinger fits in most lunch boxes. It is just short enough for my son’s collapsable one.
Give the gift of healthy this Holiday season to yours or other families you know! 
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Disclosure: Parenting Healthy was provided the above product. All opinions are 100% my own.

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