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Give the Gift of Art with Gifted Custom Art Kits

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 gifted custom art

Think about the most precious photo you have. Maybe it is of a past family member or a special occasion. If you have such a portrait photo laying around you will want to learn more about Gifted Custom Art. It is truly a one-of-a-kind art kit unlike anything I have ever seen.

I had a chance to try it out and had a great shot of my son and his soccer coach from this summer’s camp. What was unique about this is that we hosted this coach in our home from Kuwait. It was such a great cultural experience for my son having a Coach in our home for a week. Although it was a great experience and hope to host more in the future, this was the first out-of-country guest we have invited to our home.

custom art painting

The kit came and you could see the image a bit in the plain black and white draft. I sort of wondered how just adding a bit of color could really make this stand out. So, we set up the print on the board easel it comes with and got the paints out. It was so easy to set up and start painting.


My son had a blast leaning to blend at certain points and really focus on his hand and fine motor skills that happens with painting. But this is not a gift for children per say.



How fun would it be to paint the special newlywed and display the painting at the ceremony or surprise a loved one with a painted portrait of a past family member? Painting can be excellent therapy so gift a kit or order one and you paint it to gift the completed project. Visit the Gifted Custom Art website.

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