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Give Extra, Get Extra with someone with a Hero quality #ExtraGumMoments

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As Thanksgiving approaches we are thinking of ways to gather with friends and family and reflect on all that we are grateful for. When you reflect on 2014, do you know someone who deserves your Hero award? Perhaps a teacher gave your child extra effort or a co-worker covered many shifts for you when you took time off. Whatever that special someone has done that required time and effort on their part for you, they deserve a special thank you! Give extra, get extra is what the thank you is all about.

A thank you can come as a homemade card or a small gift. You can hand deliver or mail it to their home. Mailing a gift is always fun because at some point any day soon, they will head to their mailbox as normal and they may have had only a normal or even bad day and they get an odd-looking box or envelope. It has you name! They are curious. They open it and inside is a little extra thank you for what they have done. It doesn’t get more special that that. Small gift packages mail best and I used some Extra Gum in my pack. The name on the pack says it all for me!

Who is my hero that deserves an extra thank you this year? She is a fellow Blogger, Karen Dawkins (of Family Travels on a Budget). Here is the story you will all enjoy! Last winter I put a call out to anyone with book editing experience. I had written my book about my struggles after escaping and surviving a domestically abusive relationship 10 years ago. I had a head full of thoughts and not-so-good memories as well as tips and thoughts that may help other stuck or recently out of a dangerous relationship. I had a story to tell, words to say and needed some volunteers to read it and get me feedback before finaliziing. I expected to pay for a good editor and wanted a recommendation. Karen messages me and says ” I’d be happy to read it for you. I have a College major in English” I tell her what my book is about and can you believe she has a background prosecuting domestic violence offenders? I was so lucky she responded and it was before she knew what I had written about. 

Karen took my words, Chapter by Chapter and literally walked through every sentence of my book with me to brainstorm ways to organize my thoughts, switch things around I even added an extra Chapter with all the new organizing I did. She spent hours-reading, editing, suggesting and re-reading my book for months! I know she did it because it was a subject close to her heart, but it took the struggle and emotions of me telling my story and put them to ease. In 2014, my hero is Karen. She lives on the other side of the country so I cannot go give her the biggest hug I’d like, but I can give this gift to say Thank you! A great big, humongous thank you!

What do you think? Does Extra gum make a fun thank you gift addition?
Who deserves your Hero thank you gift this year?

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