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Girls in Technology #MakeTechHerStory

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Tech Girls

As a parent who has always supported our boys education, am a daughter of a teacher and work in the schools myself I have always been interested in STEM for boys and girls. One thing is clear-boys relate better to technology than girls do. It is just the way it has been for a long time and it is only steady and in some cases declining. That is why STEM has been a teaching concept reaching out to both boys and girls alike.

As a parent you don’t have to work in technology to be their encouragement. You just have to foster-foster the interest in your daughters game playing, building and electronics. Even major building block brands have girl varieties and that is new and a great thing to see. But, when we think of building and video games it is the boys that come to our minds first. Young girls see it that way too.

So, here is your first tool in that parenting tool box for you to learn more and have a portal through CompTIA, a non-profit organization to find more resources and join in the discussion of girls in technology. Watch this video I was below and head to:, another organization focused on girls and education.

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