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Gifts for Dad from Diono

I was sent samples for feature

For Dad, his car can be his pride yet we need his help so often by transporting the kids and friends or teammates to and from events. He must cringe at the thought of dirty cleats, sticky hands and loose papers and trash all over his back seat. So, give him a gift that gives back so you know he will feel more confident in his driving adventures with the kids in tow. Diono has accessories that Dad will love the look of and will keep his car organized and clean. Here are a few Father’s Day gifts for Dad suggestions or some simple travel products to get the car organized and ready for summer.
I wish I could tell you I staged that photo below or that I have more than one child-who is not a toddler, but that is my 8 year olds back seat. The day my Diono products arrived my backseat was the aftermath of leftover classroom goodies from my son’s birthday, wrappers from his football game snack the weekend prior and his backpack with some contents removed because he likes to share his papers with me on the drive home.  Now scroll down to see what Diono did to my car….


Tell me Dad wouldn’t love to come out to his backseat looking like this from a Diono car makeover?
Start with a trash can that says, “Don’t worry dad, I now have a place for all of those wrappers.” It makes a great trash can to take camping and on picnics and it’s already in the car too. Diono calls this their pop up trash bin.
Then after scrubbing the field dirt from the backs of his seats, give them protection so you don’t have to do that again. This is Diono’s stuff ‘n scuff. It also helps hold snacks, small toys and other child towables.


My favorite is the Diono travel pal. Clever name for Dad’s new friend that holds all of their ‘stuff’. From mouth guards to DVD’s, Dad can make those tight turns and not cringe when he hears items sliding off his back seats where he can’t reach.


Did we forget something? Oh yes, we forgot the “Daddy the sun’s in my eyes!” Problem solved with the Diono starry night sunshade.
There we go and if there is anything I am forgetting, Diono probably has it. Visit https://us.diono.com/ to learn where to find these products near you or to get your order in.


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