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Gift ideas from the new Gourmet Gifter

This is a promotional post. I am a Gourmet Gifter Influencer. Opinions are 100% my own

The holidays will be here soon enough and even before the holidays hit you may have some birthdays coming up. As much as I enjoy shopping and gift giving, it is always those ‘hard to shop for’ gift recipients on my list that stump me. When in doubt, I resort to 2 options: gift cards and gift baskets! Giving a gift basket is always a winning gift idea. Your recipient usually gets some delicious snacks they have never tried or gadgets they never knew they needed. Gourmet Gifter has delicious choices to help you put a fun food basket together or you can purchase a pre-made gift basket. It’s that easy! 
I was able to sample a few items you can get from Gourmet Gifter so I can tell you whether they would be a hit or not. I list some of them below.
There is a reason I mention this one first! I love kettle corn and have had store bought varieties, but it never tastes like that kettle corn you get at the fair. When I tasted this kettle corn I expected a bit salty and some sweetness to the taste, but it is so delicious. The best pieces are the ones extra coated in salty sweetness. It was a love-hate relationship. I loved it so much I hated that I can’t out it down. 
A 6oz bag sells for $4. Great value for the quality!
Another delicious option. It arrived in a bag and even a bit moist! It is a perfect crunch that is full of flavor. My son had never tried peanut brittle before and he can’t get enough of this.
1/2 pound is $8
My 7 year old’s favorite! They are not spicy as in hot. The chili cheese offers a bold taste that we love! I have this bag high on the shelf or he will start eating them and can’t stop.
3.5 oz bag is $3.50
Visit Gourmet Gifter today and start creating your next gift! 
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