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Gift ideas for the Blogger or Entertainer in your life from Minted

This is a promotional post for Minted.com

With well over 20,000 Bloggers on the web, chances are you know someone you have to buy a gift for that blogs or entertains for brands or the public. If you have no idea what a Blogger does despite knowing one, then let me sum it up. They write posts about the things they love or the brands they work with and they need to include high-quality photos for a professional looking post. With that, would you still know what to buy a Blogger? No? Just follow my ideas as I tell you why they would make great gifts and your mind will open up to so many options of gifts that any Blogger or Entertainer would love to have!
Like any business, the first impression is key! A clean and inviting waiting room will create a loyal patient. A restaurant with a smiling face at the door and a fast and clean atmosphere will have a customer want to return again. A large, high quality photo will make a reader want to click on it to see the post it belongs to. This is why a photo is one of the most important pars of a Blogger’s post or an Entertainer’s website. When we have a product to photo shoot, the props are crucial. The best gift I could get as a Blogger is a gift basket of fun props-the same an Entertainer would use-to keep on hand and pick from as I set up a photo shoot. So I picked out some favorites from Minted.com and am sharing them with you!
Minted.com has many party and gift products that make excellent gifts! If you notice my photo above, the feature are cookies and a juice recipe. Take away the props and you have a glass of juice and a plate of cookies. Let’s see what this does to a photo without props….

Above is a juice recipe and some cookies. You see them, they look good enough to eat and drink, but does this photo say “Serve Me” or “Click Here”? No!

Adding a few props helps these cookies and glass of juice to look a little more appealing, right? Perhaps we dig deeper into our props and have a bit more fun! Take another look at the very first picture of this post! The cookies lay on a milk glass cake plate and we added back in the juice and straws to the background to set the mood of an entertainment food area that makes you want to click on that photo and see more!
All of these props came from Minted.com. The Milk Glass Cake Plate with the jadeite stand is hand-pressed right in the USA. This is a great focal point to any party for the Entertainer or photo for a Blogger. The Chocolate Brown Paper Straws make all the difference for a glass of juice or any beverage at a party or in a photo. These vintage-inspired straws are under $5 and make excellent stocking stuffers! The Place Card was personalized right on Minted.com by me to show my Blog’s color scheme and name. It makes a great photo marker in the background. Last is what all of the items sit on-the personalized Table Runner. I chose this Asheville Artisan design for a rustic look under plates of food. Much better than my scratched painted wood table it is sitting on. The ‘S’ initial is our last name so I can use this for my own party decor as well.
Are you inspired with some new ideas now? Head over to Minted.com and you will find so much more. The perfect gift ideas for any Blogger or Entertainer!
Disclosure: Parenting Healthy was provided store credit. All opinions are 100% my own
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