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Gift ideas for Teens from OHUHU® products

I was sent product and opinions are 100% my own

If you have any teenagers on your gift list then you know how hard it is to shop for them. My boys are 23, 17 and 7 and the 17 year old is the hardest. I know he’d love nothing but cash or gift cards, but they are not very personal. I like to mix his gifts up with a little bit of cash, gift cards and fun gifts. 
I am always browsing sites as I come across them to see what may jump out to me as a fun gift for him. If you are in my situation and lack the creativity to shop for your teen, then you may love the products at OHUHU® as much as I do. They sell on Amazon and qualify for Prime shipping so that is what is so great about getting these products on promotions and shipped fast. 
OHUHU® RC Explorers Quad Copter (with camera)

This is a great gift for the 17 and 23 year old! Even my husband said he’d love it as a gift. The 17 year old is mechanical and techy and the 23 year old is into cars and new technology so this is why this makes such a fun gift idea. It has a 6-axis gyro for precise handling and landing. You can use indoor and outdoor as it is crush-resistant and wind tolerant. It films a 360 degree eversion and you can move it left/right, up/down, forward/backward/sideward-any direction and view you need. It will fly about 100 yards. Recommended age 14+.

OHUHU® Ocean Wave Night Light Projector and Music Player

Teens and quality sleep are usually unfamiliar to each other. With the 2 older boys I have always been amazed they are still moving at the end of the day the way they stay up late, wake up very early on school days and sleep in very late on weekends. It is inconsistent sleep and even as tired as they may be they seem to find ways to not allow themselves to bed early. Sleep aids like light, motion and music are great for a teen’s bedroom. This light is fantastic! You can play music from your phone or device and the kids love that! You also choose the color or color combo you’d like and it projects onto the wall and ceiling in a mesmerising, ocean wave pattern and movement. It plugs into the wall or USB port and turns off automatically after an hour.

OHUHU® Acrylic Makeup Cosmetics Organizer 3 Drawers with Top Section

How is the bathroom sink in your home you share with the teenager? Did you laugh? I hear you and I can tell you that teenage boys may not have as much stuff, but they are a huge mess! Whether you need your teen to stay organized on the bathroom counter or perhaps put your stuff up-away from the dripping toothpaste and clumps of dried hair gel fallen and left on the surfaces, this is a great gift idea in any home with a teen! It is acrylic and transparent and takes up only 9.4 x 7.5 inches of space. You can separate the two sections or stack them as shown depending on the best use for you. 

These are just a few of what OHUHU has to offer and the prices are great! I wish you luck on your teenage shopping duties and keep these fun products in mind when you are ready to buy!


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