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Gift Idea: Teddy Canz for any occasion

I was sent a sample for feature

So take a moment and just think-teddy bear in a can! When you consider that teddy is dressed in a shirt or robe marked for your occasion AND the can he/she is in is also marked for your occasion it makes getting a teddy in a can a lot of fun! Teddy Canz is just this. My son got a standard Teddy Canz Bear in the original can design, but there are many options for you! Look at this concept below as my son demonstrates! 

There is a Teddy Canz for Easter, birthdays, professionals and even for comfort! Each bear comes in a unique and illustrated composite can and the bears and their attire are made of quality materials. I love the illustrations on the can and I can think of so many opportunities to gift a Teddy Canz from a child’s birthday to an Anniversary gift or co-worker celebration.
Our Teddy is stitched flawlessly from his own beary self to the shirt he wears. My son asked to gift his Teddy Canz to my nephew for his second birthday in May so we put him back in his can and he will have such a great home with a sweet boy.

Choose your favorite Teddy Canz at 
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