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Gift Idea: Professional Basketball Merchandise and Memorabilia

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March Madness is in full swing and Collectible Supplies has products for the fans!

Fans of professional basketball can show their support for certain teams by collecting memorabilia. Some merchandise is sold exclusively at official team stores. In fact, special edition collectible NBA products may be available for sale only for a limited time. For example, an NBA team that makes the finals may sell apparel with championship themes. Fans can then boast that their team made it to the finals, or even better, claimed the trophy. 

NBA fans can bring along special items to cheer their favorite teams and players during games. Foam logos can be used to get a home crowd fired in an important game. Similarly, foam signs and other types of banners can be used to proudly display team pride. 

The logos of NBA teams change frequently. Therefore, people can collect items that have all the different logos that a team has used throughout the years. An entire collection of themed merchandise can be used to show the history of a particular NBA club or franchise. 

Trading cards are also very popular NBA collectibles. The cards feature colorful images of different players. The back of a card may have information such as career statistics and major highlights. NBA fans can collect cards of their favorite players that play for different teams throughout long spanning careers. After a decade, it’s fun to look back at the history and career of particular players that may have played for multiple teams. A collection of trading cards of particular NBA players can be very valuable. For example, rookie cards of top players tend to be very expensive when these athletes retire. During the first few years, it’s difficult to guess which players are going to be the best in the future. 

Authentic basketballs also make up a valuable collection of NBA memorabilia. Fans can collect basketballs that are replicas of those used in actual games. Some limited editions balls are released only during the playoffs. Official league logos and other authentic graphics are engraved onto professional size basketballs. Fans can bring along the balls to an actual game and have them signed by some of the players or coaches. A plastic case should be used to protect any autographed sports item such as basketball. In fact, display cases are often made of acrylic materials that are transparent but very durable. The enclosing in a protective case can be physically removed by unscrewing some fasteners.


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