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Gift Idea for the Mailman and Delivery Drivers

I saw this on a post a while back and always meant to put one together! It is a treat box or basket if you have one. If you choose to wrap a box you ca change the paper for different holidays or seasons and if you use a basket, find fun seasonal decor to hang or tie on it so it changes for them throughout the year.


It is very easy as I began with a box. If weather is an issue in the winter where you live I have seen inexpensive galvanized bins used instead. You can change wrap on a box for the time of year or add colored bows and ribbon to bins in holiday or celebration colors.


I made a shareable Google Doc of the sign I made so you can get to it and just change your name at the bottom. So easy and the kids can feel special by gathering treats for their delivery men and women also.


To give credit where credit is due, I found the original post and

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