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Gift a Pley membership for new building sets each month

I was provided subscription service for promotion

Does a child in your life have a building set on the Holiday wish list? Once they build their set what happens to it? They are expensive and many times they get set on a shelf and never played with or taken apart and becoming more loose pieces. The thrill of the build ends and they want another set. This is where Pley comes in to help us save money and give them new sets each month to build.
My son started out with the Minecraft Cave. At 7 years old it was pretty complicated but he got through it. It came with the original instruction book, all pieces, a lego removal tool, poster to collect & win with stickers sent, fun gift lego bracelet, return label for when we are ready to ship back and choose a new set and it was sent in a sturdy box I can reuse to send it back in. No effort or need to go out of my way when it is time to send back. I love the bright zippered bag as it allows us to keep the set contained and away from his other Legos so we don’t mix them up. Without the bag I would fear I could mindlessly pick up the pieces and toss in his bedroom bin if left out.

Here is how Pley explains its membership:
Starting at just $19.99/month when registered for a 6-month subscription (or a mere $24.99 for a one month trial), kids could receive several kits each month as they play, return and repeat. The Builder and Master plan offers unlimited toys per month. Children keep the toy as long as they wish, then place everything in the return package. Drop it in any US postal mailbox. Shipping is free (!) with all memberships

It is time to start shopping and with a visit to Pley’s website, you can cross some kids off your list by giving them a gift that will keep arriving in the mail all year long. What kid doesn’t look forward to mail especially when there is something new to build in that box. Does it save? Yes! On average it saves LEGO® buying families like me hundreds of dollars a year! My son had no harsh feelings sending it back. He knows that as soon as it is received he can log in and shop for a new set to keep and build for a few weeks. 

Get started now at https://www.pley.com/
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