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Getting the best nights’ sleep with Tempurpedic

Is there anything worse than waking up tired? I mean, what was the point of going to sleep then? I had this problem and let’s just say, I wasn’t a happy chappy. We live with my mother in law ( fun ) while our house is being finished built and the mattress she had in the room was the same one my husband used when he was a kid. Yuck! 

I’m not sure if it was because no-one who stayed there said anything or because it’s not her bed she didn’t pay attention to it, but the springs were themselves trying to escape. It was a nightmare. Every night was like going to sleep on a hedgehog. At first, I didn’t say anything out of respect and politeness, but by week 3 I had insomnia and had enough.

The mattress had to go. 

Needless to say, we went the next day and ordered an express delivery for a new one, and oh the bliss is all I can say. I sleep like the dead and haven’t looked back. Sleep is so important, to our well-being and certainly our mental stability. I can honestly say I was a walking mood swing, and not intentionally. Lack of sleep made me a crazy person.

Choosing the right mattress.

You might not think it but this is a critical decision to a lasting relationship, if either partner isn’t sleeping well, it’s not going to look good for the long run. A mattress needs to be suited to your taste whilst ensuring the correct alignment of your spine, sleeping in the shape of a question mark will make you wake up stiff as a board. 

Look at the firmness, this is mainly determined by the way you sleep, as in on your side, back or stomach. Different positions require higher or lower levels of firmness. Check out this handy guide  for some help in choosing between the varieties.

You’ll be looking at materials such as foam, springs, a combination of the two and becoming increasingly popular the gel mattress. Are you wanting a mattress topper? A lot of consideration goes into this purchase, make notes of what makes you feel comfortable, how much you are willing to spend and ensure there is a warranty once you’ve made the choice.

Which bedsheet is best?

Ok, so the ultimate mattress has arrived, now is the fun part of choosing the linen. The best feeling in the world is diving into fresh sheets, the smell envelopes you and carries you to dreamland before you even realize it. 

There are many options on the market, deciding on the perfect set is down to the size and model of your mattress. Companies who sell mattresses often have specific linens that fit snug and perfect for each model, this would be the best option if you are looking for something to look neat and chic. 

The delivery van dropped off and carried your Tempur mattress upstairs for you, and with it came the lovely brochure of the best sheets for a tempurpedic mattress, you immediately go online to order. Express, next day delivery of course. 

Deciding on the perfect linen.

  • Material. From cotton to Egyptian and increasingly popular the bamboo blend, it comes down to preference and finance. Sheets can range from affordable to crazy down-payment on a house costs. 
  • Thread count. The more threads per square inch, the softer the fabric usually. But if you opt for a higher quality fabric such as Egyptian cotton then the high thread count is not as necessary due to its natural softness. 
  • Weave. This is the stiffness vs suppleness factor when it comes to sheets. Whether you like more soft and cozy or firmer and crisper when you jump under them.

Take a minute to watch this quick video for advice on sheets before heading to the shops, even sheet shopping requires some research believe it or not. Take your time your hubby will thank you for it and so will your body.

When it all harmoniously comes together it’s like a song with all the keys right the first time around. Happy song, happy sleeping.

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