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Getting organized with Solutions Solved Seat Back Protectors

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If your car is like mine, the back seat is out of control between water bottles, extra coats, DVD’s and charging cords. The back seat of my car belongs to the boys and I have lost control! I am pretty good about cleaning it out often, but the next car ride, they lug their stuff back out and the back is an unorganized place of chaos again. So, I finally have a seat protector that helps keep the electronics and cords off the ground at the very least.
My seat back protector from Solutions Solved houses my son’s DVD player, headphones and movies. He no longer has to hold his player in his lap, he will lounge back and watch it where it hangs in the see-through pocket. 
The best part of this seat protector is that it protects the entire back of my front seat from foot prints and tears. It is made from EXTRA DURABLE 600D polyester DOUBLE STITCHED edges so it will withstand time.

You get 2 in a package so that both seats are protected. The top has adjustable straps and there is velcro at the bottom to conform to virtually any back seat shape and size. 

You can get these on Amazon and they are a Prime qualifier! With 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can get those seats protected in time for summer!

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