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Getting Help to Live a Healthier Life with Nature Made – Giveaway

This post was sponsored by Nature Made® as a part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central.

Since January of this year I have began to regularly visit my gym. In the past I would start and stop for a while and never really had a routine down. In August our gym got a new owner and he has made this location much more engaging. One thing they did was make a personal trainer available to us once a month at no extra charge. I always wondered if hiring a personal trainer was worth it or not and I had the chance to gain one for free. It has changed how I see results at the gym. On top of that, I am getting help to live a healthier life with Nature Made.

Once I got a routine down that was working for me I naturally was watching what I eat a lot more. When you sweat hard losing 100 calories, that 100 calorie cookie you’re about to consume does not look so attractive once you think what you have to go through to burn those extra calories. I don’t always avoid bad foods, but I am more conscious on portions and making sure I eat enough healthy foods. I find that to be hard sometimes as a sports Mom, part-time employee at the school and PTA President. Many times lunch is on-the-go and I am not a great pre-meal planner so I began to realize how important using a supplement is for me. I did some research, talked to my Dr and decided that Vitamin B12 was the right vitamin for me to begin using.

Luckily, Nature Made has a Daily Boost Program you can join for free to help guide me and educate me on healthy habits and stay motivated to live a healthier lifestyle. Joining is as easy as visiting the Wellness with Nature Made website and entering an email and first name at the bottom of the page. Go ahead-you can join too!

The Nature Made Daily Boost Program brings you daily boosts! They are very easy and not at all complicated so you will find time in your day to do the boost. In fact, once you get going you begin to look forward to that daily motivational boost! You will get new inspirations every other week with your boosts and other ways you can keep track of how other Nature Made users are staying healthy.

Nature Made is the #1 Pharmacist recommended supplement brand in 9 categories **Based on US News & World Report – Pharmacy Times Survey, Nature Made is the #1 Pharmacist Recommended Brand in Nine Categories – Letter Vitamins, Omega-3/Fish Oil, Coenzyme Q10, Flax Seed Oil, Herbal Supplements, Cholesterol Management-Natural, Garlic, Diabetic Multivitamins and Mood Health Supplements). I went to Walmart for some great deals and picked up my fist bottle of Nature Made Vitamin B12 tablets.

Need more motivation? Enter the Nature Made Wellness Giveaway where they will giving away 20 $50 Walmart Gift Cards. Enter below! The contest ends 4/26/2016. Good luck

I-C will randomly select 20 winners from all program entries and will handle fulfillment of the winning prizes.

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