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Getting healthy with Better For You Lunchboxes

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Getting Healthy with Better For You Lunchboxes
January is a time for fresh starts as a new year has begun and a great time to discuss Getting healthy with Better For You Lunchboxes. On Christmas Eve the Priest at my parents church preached about fresh starts. That as we head into the new year he asks those to start over. Forgive enemies, let bygons be bygons and move on. Let the negative go and start from a positive place. From forgiveness to healing, a fresh start is about attitude. It is hard to start new habits or create healthier routines if we hold onto past negativity. If your goal is to eat healthier as a family, this is particularly important.

If you have made this resolution before and failed, forget about those failed times. Forget about the steps you did not take or the motivation you lost or the fit your teenager threw when the fried chips left the house. Have a fresh start attitude. Invite the family for an ice cream sit down and a fun and quick family meeting and have them share the positive fresh start attitude with you. Let go of the ‘what if’s’ or the ‘what about’s’! Make the decision together that you all want to work on getting healthy and pick a start date. If the family has some say then it is a motivator for them as well.

Del Monte Savings for lunchbox items
A great place to start is lunch! The kids get hungry at school and don’t have many other options without cash in their pockets to eat anything other than what you pack. Make sure their school lunches are packed with healthy foods they will love. At home, it is hard for them to choose healthy carrots and dip when there is a snack cupboard a few steps away. At school you have them hooked to what is in their lunch box so make it healthy, but make it enticing or you run the risk of them wanting to skip that important meal in the middle of their day especially if the changes came without warning or contain foods you know they will avoid.
Walmart trip to buy healthy lunches

When shopping for lunchbox items, take time to consider each child’s cravings and find relative options. Does your teenage love salty snack mixes? Buying some lightly salted almonds or pretzels and fruit snacks and dumping them together in a baggie is much more enticing then throwing the bag of fruit snacks and a separate sack of nuts in the lunchbox. Look below at the difference in how you present the food. Surely by taking food from their original packaging can open up a variety of fun and healthy mixes and encouragement to eat these choices. Adding stickers and fun messages can be an enticing move as well. It’s a little trick I use with a house of boys that eat home lunches at school. You can make a few of these up on the weekend and have them ready to grab for lunch in the week. Switch each bag up a bit for each day with different combinations.

Bring the lunchbox to life
Fun ideas to get kids to eat healthy

Setting goals as a family and using tricks like presentation for enticement can help everyone stay motivated and encouraged to make healthier choices. Start with better for you lunchboxes. When out shopping for your healthier lunchbox foods, keep an eye out at your local Walmart in January and February for specialty marked Del Monte® Fruit Cup® Snacks and Del Monte® Fruit & Veggie Fusions. You will find a Better For You Lunchbox booklet on these fruit cups with over $6 in savings on great lunch choices throughout the store.

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