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Get your workouts in wherever you travel with #‎Strengthstack52 Tri pack

This is a promotional post for Strength Stack 52. Opinions are my own

Not too long ago I was sent this Strength Stack 52 Tri Pack to try… and then I somehow strained my neck. As someone who runs to the gym a few days a week, I was now immobile. I had very little range of motion in my neck and it bothered me as I sat in pain and missed workouts. I am slowly healing, but it is till a bit sensitive. The other afternoon I picked up my tri pack of Strength Pack 52 workout cards and thumbed through them wondering when I can create a routine once and for all and then I realized I can actually use these right now as I heal. Of course, I need to be careful with my neck and shoulders, but I began to pull out cards that had moves I can do while sitting and only using my lower body so I gave a few a try. I now felt less helpless and was at least feeling more motivated due to not being able to complete full workouts like I am used to. 
I am not saying these are meant to do with an injury, but for me it worked. I only found a few that would be OK to do still and my Dr actually told me that careful movements are a great way to heal. I do my neck stretches and mix it with some lower body workouts. It is better than nothing and I am grateful these cards are with me so I can get that motivation back a bit. I pulled out a few like the calf raises, lunge, Ab flex, knee pump and wall sit and was able to tolerate those just fine.
These fitness cards are developed by Sergeant Michael Volkin, a military fitness expert and scientist. They were designed to bring you elite fitness that you can take with you anywhere you go. Even the US Army used these in Iraq. You do not need any equipment and you play these cards like a game solo or with others. Intervals start as low as 5 minutes and you never get the same routine twice. This enables you to stay motivated and never bored with higher intensity, interval exercises.
Each card gives you an image example, number of reps recommended, QR code to scan so you get a demo of the exercise, description of exercise, muscle group code (see color chart in contents below) and various marking used for game play.
  • Strength Stack 52 Deck
  • Strength Stack 52 Expansion Pack
  • Strength Stack 52 Insane Pack
  • Each deck contains color coded, suited, and numbered exercise playing cards.  There are 6 different colors with each color representing the dominate muscle group worked.  The Strength Stack 52 TRI Pack contains:
  • 15 cardio exercises (Blue)
  • 32 core/ab exercises (Red)
  • 3 back exercises (Pink)
  • 30 leg exercises (Yellow)
  • 9 Arm exercises (Orange)
  • 13 chest exercises (Green)
  • 12 of the hardest bodyweight exercises known to man (Gold)
  • 3 instructional cards
  • 2 wild cards (used in games)

No matter where you roam or travel, you get a workout that will show results. Head to the Strength Stack 52 website to learn more or head directly to Amazon to purchase your tri pack.

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