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Get your Vitamin D on the go with Bio D Supreme

This is a promotional post for BioSorb Nutra

I live in the Pacific NW and at my last exam, my Dr. talked to me about Vitamin D. We should check our levels often, especially living in a state that typically sees more clouds than sun but in most cases Insurance companies will not cover costs of routine Vitamin D levels. My Dr. says because I am female and live here she wants me taking Vitamin D daily. I did get a level check a while back with some Iron issue I was having and I was very borderline normal to low. Those are actually typical results and therefore she tells all her patients to just take the supplement when she feels we may need it given our health and lifestyle. I agreed. I know my lifestyle and the area I live in does not keep my Vitamin D levels at a high normal so I should always take it.
Bio D Supreme is from BioSorb Nutra products and you may have seen this advertisement on TV about the effectiveness of those who use the supplement. There are no pills to swallow, just 8 sprays on the inside cheek of this citrus taste and your supplement is absorbed. There is a 30-day supply in this tube and the taste is great. No bitterness at all! I am actually surprised with a letter-vitamin supplement that they can get that bitterness out of the after taste! Because it is an absorbed spray and not a pill, you get the effect 10 times faster. 
Vitamin D is great for natural energy, mood regulation, easier relief from aches and pains, helps diminish muscle fatigue and revive mental clarity. If you have that tired, achy feeling constantly perhaps you can get your Vitamin D checked if insurance allows or just ask your Dr about trying Bio D Supreme to see how those symptoms diminish. 
This makes a great stocking stuffer from the College Student to seniors who can take OTC supplements. Know your levels and make sure you are not deficient in your Vitamin D or you will feel it!
Disclosure: Parenting Healthy was provided samples. All opinions are 100% my own

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