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Get Your Notifications on Your Smart Light

I was sent product for feature

With the age of ‘notifications’ we hardly have to get up from our seat to answer a message or check in on a status. It was not long ago when status meant flight times and messages meant you had enough tape left in your answering machine cassette. Now notifications are at your fingertips or close by. We reach for our cell phone or get up and try to recall where we last left it so we can check if we have new messages and notices. Now you don’t even have to do that. You can place a light or image box in the room you spend the most time in and it will alert you that you need to check your device. Seriously, it is that simple. Dotti and Notti by Witti are also geometrically designed in fun ways so it fits in great with any room decor on a table or desk.
I have Dotti and my son is taking Notti to college with him for his dorm. What is Dotti and Notti? Dotti is a notification box and Notti is a step up as it doubles as a smart light.
My Dotti is a small square design-flat and simple. I downloaded the free app on my phone and told Dotti what I want her to notify me of. As I get a message or alert on my phone a corresponding icon from the app displays on my Dotti. Just about every social media account can be connected so you get an icon when there is a new message or notification if you choose to activate that account. Choose from Instagram, FB, FB Messenger, Twitter, G+, phone messages, email, text messages, Skype, calendar alerts, missed calls and more.
For fun you can design your own icon to display between alerts. It is like your art in a box illuminated for display. Once you have an alert in the connected accounts you chose, it flashes. It connects instantly with Bluetooth and even has a music mode with dancing bars as music plays. It has a built-in battery and can also tell time. Learn more about Dotti.
My son’s Notti can send all the same notifications as Dotti only instead of a small square box it is also a smart light. Instead of corresponding icons-it lights up with the corresponding colors. Set missed calls to red and when Notti flashes red you understand that alert. As an alarm, Notti gradually lights up to illuminate your room. The unit is a high-powered, multi-color LED display lamp in a fun geometric shape. You can program up to 4 Notti lights at the same time so you can have a Notti in every room you are in most.
Learn more about Notti. Make sure you also browse the other smart products by Witti while there. These make great dorm room fun for your student as well.
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