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Get Sustainable Northwest Seafood meals in 90 seconds with Fishpeople #Giveaway

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For many years we would see my brother off as he left the seaports for Alaska fishing on a troller. The benefits was the fresh seafood he would bring back. Depending on the boat he was on he would take off anywhere from Portland up to Bellingham, Wa and be gone weeks or months. It is grueling work that these Fisherman endure to bring quality seafood to the consumer. I have know Fishermen who have missed the births of their children and other occasions and have attended winter weddings because their lives are planned around fishing season. 
I have also endured my brother being trapped on a couch of a Fisheman’s home where he was sent after an injury on a boat out at sea. He had to be flown to a hospital and the wife of a Fisherman of his same boat took him in until he could endure the trip back home-he had a bundle of shrimp cages come loose in wind as he was below deck and when that line gave the cages crashed on top of him as he was bent over. Better than landing on his head, but hundreds of pounds landed on his back and neck and he was out for months and still suffers. I share this because these Fishermen are dedicated and out there year round collecting seafood.

A Fisherman Brother

About Fishpeople
Fishpeople is a brand that takes pride in its product right back to the men who caught it! This is why they can track your package. Every pouch of Fishpeople meals comes with a trackable code that will take you to the Fisherman who caught that seafood and the location! I think that is such a great connection between food and consumer!
Fishpeople products can be found at many grocers and do not need to be refrigerated before use. They use real seafood that is sustainably caught with Northwest flavors that you can heat up and enjoy anytime, anywhere. They offer entrees, bisques and chowders that include a seafood selection such as clam, salmon, shrimp and tuna.

Learn more and see all of the delicious selections at
The Giveaway

1 lucky reader will win the entire line of Fishpeople products (appx. 9 products). Enter below-open to US and ends on 7/30. Good luck!

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