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Get organized with planners and calendars

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If you are like me, you are still a paper person! I have calendars and notes on my phone but I need to write things down too. My desk is a sticky note, loose paper organized chaos. If I don’t write it down I will forget about it. My blog bible is my planner that sits front and center on my desk. It is the first thing I glance at in the morning and the last thing I glance at at the end of my working day. Instead of notes and loose papers it was time last year for me to get organized with planners and calendars!
At House of Doolittle you will find a large selection of just the right organization and planning supplies you need. From standard monthly calendars to large meeting planners you will know what is due now, what happened last month and what lies ahead and you can keep organized with just a few products that will work together so you stay on top of those tasks.


The Meeting Planner is such a great product if you attend meetings, webinars or chair events. Whether you are attending a corporate meeting or attending a webinar course, you will always have this hardcover booklet to refer back to with all of your notes, attendees and ideas you had during that meeting.
If you want to have a quick way to look ahead, keep the 3-month Wall Calendar within reach! It is not a calendar you will cram with notes and writing, but gives you large print to look ahead and always be able to plan with the dates you need.
Don’t have an use for a planner right now? You may like to know that House of Doolittle also carries everything you need for office supplies from office furniture to cleaning supplies.
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