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3 ways to get organized for Back to School with the Brother P-touch Label Maker

This is a promotional post for Brother. Opinions are my own

3 ways to get organized for Back to School with the Brother P-touch Label Maker
It’s Back to School time and you have backpacks and lunch boxes for each child. In those bags are peechees, binders, pencil boxes, thermoses and other items that need to be kept together. You also have jackets and gym shoes and sweaters. Around the house you have homework supply bins and drawers with crayons and markers and extra paper. How do you keep it all together? How are you sure those jackets and sweaters you paid for don’t get lost at school? Labeling these items may help them make their way back home and help your children keep their own supplies together. Investing in a label maker like the Brother P-Touch Label Maker that is so easy to use will be an item you are glad you purchased this year!
How can you get the best use of a label maker at home? I’ll give you just 3 ways you can use one.
You can use your Brother P-Touch Label Maker and a dry erase white board to keep schedules and deadlines organized. Label names up and down and days of the week across and that stays stationary and you can use colored dry erase markers to mark sports or school events. Give each person there own color ton easily spot their schedule each day.
Safeguard expensive items
If you have children there are many ways items like clothing and gear get lost-at school, in gyms and on ball fields. If my son were to misplace a helmet or winter coat I know I would be out a lot of money. Taking a few moments to label the gear and clothing with fabric or plastic-safe labels will help identify these items so they make it back to your child.
Personalizing Supplies

Are you shopping on a budget? Many times the licensed or character labeled items are more expensive than solid colored folders and binders. Grab the low cost options and some colored labels and let the kids design their own supplies. The labels are inexpensive and you’ll have some left over for other projects. Also, there tastes change and if kittens were cool in September, they may be ‘for babies’ by January. Having a label maker and allowing this kids to personalize their supplies works great. They can always add or peel off labels throughout the year as they wish.


My Mom is a school teacher and I gifted her the Brother P-T D200 Label Maker for her second grade classroom. She switched schools this year to one closer to her and went from teaching 4th grade to 2nd. She is constructing a whole new classroom and that requires a lot of labeling! As a teacher she knows the benefit of owning a labeler and was so excited to not have to share the staff labeler anymore!
Make sure you stay organized this season and all year long with label makers from Brother!
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